pick the world up

true life of the american gender blind hustler. some_text

read, write, joke nonstop.
sing, freestyle and beatbox.
steady punching the gender binary in the face tryna break its snooty nose.

Sometimes I'm Funny.
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Between Nashville and Knoxville. Between time zones. Between seasons. #Flashback #NoFilter

#Throwback to Valentine’s Day. Getting spoiled beside the fake fire.

Double Hawaiian shirts for Gabriel Iglesias at the Ryman.#UnityThroughLaughter

Moving piano. Spinning ballerina. #Spectacle

The heart of Dixie from great heights. #Dollywood

Chicken go round. #carnival

Unicycler thrown a third pin. #Dollywood

Maleficient. Magnificent. #ClubPlay #DragShow

Insert some Ingrid Michaelson lyrics I guess. #Throwback #love

Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes CD release show.#KidTiger #exitin #Nashville

"Bad Neighborhood" a poem written by one of my fifth grade students. She dots her i`s with hearts.



I didn’t wanna do my geo hw so I stitched this cracker to the arm of the couch

Seems reasonable

puttin on the ritz.

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