pick the world up

true life of the american gender blind hustler. some_text

read, write, joke nonstop.
sing, freestyle and beatbox.
steady punching the gender binary in the face tryna break its snooty nose.

Sometimes I'm Funny.
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rap like im young. i turn into a goon.

i shut up too late but you spoke too soon.

i cyph like a FREAK, every night’s a full moon

loud with the verse like its two in the afternoon.

im the definition of why you dont assume

my flow disintegrates both your carcass and the tomb.

wake your grandma up, cause another whole baby boom

and im handin out numbers like a kid on zoom.

rally the cypher like a dug out, im the designated spitter.

and my delivery has you dizzy like im throwin wild splitters

its clear you suck thats why your girl aint mad i bit her.

stay spittin golden verses, theyre the only ones that glitter.

i can shit sixteens like I ate a blood diamond dinner

its bux bunny, youre funny if i you think im a beginner

i smash money cash whole checks for my blood thinners

he taps out, i pin her, im a word wrestling winner.

(ang bux July 26, 2011. springfield, ma)

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